Utilization of kiosks


  • information on a school and on the prepared events (both for students and parents)
  • a possibility of registration for exams
  • information on jobs and voluntary work
  • traffic orders
  • information on accommodation and catering for commuting students
  • publication of exam and test results
  • a possibility to have a wi-fi zone created within an information terminal
  • all provided online

Health care

  • provision of information to patients and visitors
  • interactive map of a health care facility
  • information on products and services
  • pricelist of examinations and operations
  • hospital order, information on health care documents
  • information on traffic and gastronomy in the surrounding of a health care facility
  • public inquiries concerning opinions of patients
  • a time card – call out system

Towns and municipalities

  • information on the town / municipality (map, history...)
  • information on offices, schools, hospitals and emergencies
  • traffic orders, car rental shops, banks and post offices
  • information on accommodation and catering
  • all in several world languages
  • a possibility to have a wi-fi zone created within an information terminal
  • leaving messages – requests, complaints, proposals
  • finding out opinions of citizens in the form of mini-referendum and public inquiries
  • all provided online

State administration

  • sale of duty stamps
  • full wording of decrees and laws
  • templates of filled in forms
  • electronic doorman, registration room, a call out system
  • fast and prompt update of reports
  • a possibility to provide all information also for foreigners

Congresses and trade fairs (lease of terminals)

  • information on exhibitions and exhibitors
  • check in – check out
  • information on the surrounding, town
  • possibilities of catering and accommodation in the surrounding of the event lieu
  • all information available in several world languages

Other utilization of terminals

Bus and railway stations and airport halls

  • departures and arrivals and flight departures and arrivals
  • information on delays (update just in several seconds)
  • automatic check-in
  • self-service terminal for renting a car
  • appropriate documents (a possibility of download, print)
  • free internet

Museums and libraries

  • interactive guide via museum
  • information on exhibitions
  • information on books and authors
  • search for books
  • registration of readers, books and borrowed books

Banks and post offices

  • information on products and services
  • information on consignments, delivery dates, postal services
  • internet banking
  • self-service terminal – withdrawal of money
  • a possibility of having the account statement printed

Car dealers

  • detail information on the product offered
  • a possibility of 3D animation of the product offered
  • 24-hour customer service
  • mobile kiosks – various solutions for events and exhibitions

Whatever area you select to use the kiosk for, remember that:

  • you are more attractive for your clients (you offer a multiple choice in one point)
  • you save paper and thus you contribute to environment protection
  • you offer a possibility for other entities to make their products and services more visible
  • you provide updated information

All you need to have touch information terminals placed and operated in your facility is your consent with placing of technology, electric and internet connection (Note: but for terminals intended for lease at congresses and trade fairs).