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It has not been long time since we organized congresses which required also numerous amount of information brochures not only about the congress itself but concurrently about the possibilities of spending leisure time and relax after meetings that last for hours. At the same time, definitely everyone will admit that walking around a strange town hungry or without having accommodation booked in advance and searching for the source of necessary information since the information centre is already closed is a nightmare. Not mentioning trade fairs where you are given lots of advertising leaflets, which will nevertheless end up in your home or in the office litter bin and we could produce other similar examples.

To provide and receive quality information and concurrently to save paper and thus also the environment, it is not necessary to print hundreds of information leaflets or walk in all directions along the town and search for the information centre.

Via utilization of advertising-information terminals we offer to you a possibility to increase awareness of people in your facility or in the town / municipality and to individual companies a possibility to present themselves in the form of lease of advertising area on the information touch terminal with upper the LCD screen.

We pay attention to business policy stemming from the market requirements aimed at achievement of maximum economic effect in market relations. We do not avoid creative incentives from your part and we are capable of flexible reacting to your ideas and needs.

We believe that our offer will be appealing to you and it will be interesting for you,

Caspar Entertainment